Science, technology, engineering, mathematics. On March 7th, with our chemistry teacher and five of my classmates, we went to Bogazici University for a workshop that was organized by Bogazici University, Georgia State University and Gazi University. High school students from all around Turkey were there. We gathered in several laboratories and we were grouped with people whom we hadn’t met before. Together we had two tasks to complete. The first one was to build a car made up of only food. Edible Car Contest… We were given a limited amount of food including fruits, chocolates and biscuits. There were also restrictions, for example our car had to have at least 3 wheels that turned. At first it seemed like an easy task, however when we took action it looked more and more complex. We were expected to design the car first and then build it. The healthiest, the fastest and the most creative cars were going to be selected. With my group members, we collaborated pretty well. We all listened to others’ thoughts and tried to apply them on our car. We tried to concentrate on a strategy to make our car. We also discussed what would be efficient or meaningless. I really enjoyed working with different people. Although it was a stressful and difficult task, because we had to manage our time etc., I loved the workshop. If it was an individual task, I wouldn’t probably accomplish it. For this reason, my strength was to take an active part in a group work as well as a discussion. At the end of the task, our car was selected the second fastest car among 10 cars. I was glad for this accomplishment. The second task was to design & make a boat from only an aluminum folio that could lift the most number of stones without sinking. Again, we concentrated on our task and tackled the basic physics up thrust principles. We decided that if we kept the boat at its biggest size, folded the aluminum folio only a little bit and maximized the volume, it would provide the most efficient result. And we were right, our calculations were successful. As a result, we were the group whose boat took up to 760 g of stone. The main reason of this project was to show students that all these disciplines were interconnected. With Zeynep, Berkehan and Melis we did the same thing. While we were designing our boat and our car, we evaluated every principle altogether, holistically. This led us to be successful. I learned that although we separate subjects as Chemistry, Physics, Maths etc., they all share common ideas and methodologies. Next time, in a group project like this, I will encourage my peers to consider this.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 6