I was asked to prepare an opening speech for 2016 TELT conference. At first, I was reluctant to do so, but then I wanted to take this risk. English teachers and academicians from all around the world were going to listen to me, and I really wanted to give this a shot. It was an exam week, and I had quite a few time to prepare and practice the speech. I have always trusted my improvisation skills, so I was not nervous. I prepared a speech in less than 2 hours the night before the conference and tried to memorize its key points. After I had given the speech, I was amazed by people’s reactions. Although I had written a full speech, I did not read the paper in my hand, and I improvised the speech based on the key points I have thought of. Thus, many people congratulated me and told me that I was a great speaker. Deniz Kurtoğlu Esen, English Language instructor from Sabancı University, wanted to take a photo with me. I was quite honored. I feel I have achieved my outcome goals because I increased my awareness for public speaking and I undertook new challenges. TELT Website

Opening Speech TELT

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 0.5



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