I participated in the Mini Maker Faire that took place in Istanbul Bilgi University. We had a stand in the faire and I was responsible for introducing Team Terakki and Shell Eco-marathon to the visitors. I tried to answer as many questions as I could. Especially the parents were really interested in our car. They wanted me to explain how our urban concept electrical car works. Some of the frequently asked questions were: “How many kilometers can it take per hour?”, “What is the material used in the car’s shell?”, “Do you know how to drive the car?”. I felt good about this activity because I liked informing people about our team. Their reactions kept me motivated because most of the visitors congratulated us for representing our country in the international competition. I had to stand up all day and deal with the visitors. Hopefully, my team mates were here to help me. They backed me up for the questions that I had trouble answering. This is the most beautiful thing about working in a team: immediately helping each other out in case of a problem.

Area: Service

Hours Completed: 6