10.08.2015 – 15.08.2015

Having learned the basic and necessary moves, we started to concentrate on the choreography for the show. Our teacher announced the partners who will dance together in the show. He chose me as his partner. I was very excited for the show and decided to do my best to memorize the choreography. He wanted us to contribute while he was putting the moves in order. We chose the song for the show and started to make the sequence. In salsa, “shine” is a combination of moves done without a partner when the music slows down or changes. Mr. Alican added a shine to our sequence where the music changed. So, during the second lesson of the week, we spent our time practicing the shines. As an extra, Mr. Alican showed a few steps from a similar dance: bachata. Bachata moves were much easier than salsa, thus I was successful dancing. It was intriguing to learn the Latin dances because I was getting to know a different culture. I realized that I’m talented for Latin dances. I found out that I need to do more research about the Latin culture and continue dancing later on in my life.  In the third lesson, each partner, there were 4 partners, practiced their solo. Our supervisor helped the partners while creating their solos. Since I was his partner, our solo was a bit challenging. He showed me an advanced move involving successive turns and a pose. After the lesson, I stayed an extra of 30 minutes to practice our solo. I can say that I was exhausted but it was a lot of fun. The fourth lesson of the week was the last lesson before our show. We practiced the choreography twice to ensure that the sequence is fluent.

Area: Action

Hours Completed: 11



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