14.04.15 – 28.04.15

Since Bobtail Rag is jazz, I really needed to memorize the anomalies in the piece. As a method, me and my supervisor, we jot down little notes to the piece. Notes that will make me remember the things that we’ve talked about in the lessons. The piece is actually finished, however I still don’t feel confident. I pause too often after the 17th measure. I know that this problem will easily be solved if I tackle the song individually and apply grouping. As I play the song, I search for the exact places of the chords or some irregular notes, this destroys the overall tempo as well as the memory. My supervisor thought me a new method for the complex chords that are on the 3rd page of the piece. It was really interesting for me when I first heard of it. This new method is called “molding”. I play the chord. Don’t change my hand’s position and remove my hand off the piano. Imagine its position. Shake my hand and place it on the keyboard immediately without looking at the notes. Basically, my visual memory combines with my musical knowledge, this makes me remember the chords faster. For the next lesson I am aiming to play the song with less errors. I will definitely use molding and grouping.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 4



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