11.03.15 – 13.04.15

Unfortunately, we had to cancel a lesson which was on 23rd of March. My supervisor got ill and he asked me to postpone our lesson. I will write about the one month period including my individual practices as well as two lessons. I enjoy Bobtail Rag more as I continue playing it. It is always better for me to play the pieces I like. I figured out the structure of the piece in approximately two weeks. This exactly matches my supervisor’s guess. He suggested that we shouldn’t move fast. For this reason, I joined my hands till 17th measure and finished deciphering the rest of the piece with separate hands. So, I had to practice all of the pages patiently. This didn’t make me impatient. On the contrary, knowing that I was perfecting the piece made me conscientious. I’ve found the audio file of Bobtail Rag. Whenever I get stuck, I listen to it and try to hear the parts that I’m having trouble with. I’ve also discovered that jazz doesn’t obey some fundamental music rules. For example, if there is C sharp in a measure, all Cs should be played as C sharp. However, in Bobtail Rag, this is not always valid!

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 6



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