Day 2

On our 2nd day, we went to breakfast in a horse farm. There, we met children who are under legal protection. The farm was huge and there were lots of activities to join. Some of them are: gunnysack race, football, ebru, making bracelets from soap, wall painting, t-shirt painting, volleyball etc. I joined volleyball and ebru. I met lots of students aged between 5 and 18. We talked about Edirne and other small talks. I was good at communicating with people and representing myself. This was an organization of Tut Elimi Edirne Association. I talked with two university students who were volunteers in this association. They told me that they used to be under legal protection as well and that they wanted to help their sisters. “The only thing they need is to be loved.”, they said. For this reason, they wanted us to visit more often and spend time with them. All of the children had different stories. Some of them lost their parents, some of them used to be a victim of abuse, some of them had alcoholic parents… Meeting them helped me see the real world, the other side of the coin. Edirne’s local television came to interview us. I volunteered to give the interview and our teacher selected me. They asked me several questions in front of the camera. I was really excited and afraid to say something wrong because the whole situation was sensitive. “How did today contribute to your life?” they asked. “In Istanbul, my life is mainstream. School, home – home, school. Every day, I see the same people and I barely get to have a chance to meet people from different social backgrounds. For this reason, meeting these children was avail to me.” I answered. I would like to explain a little more, but I wasn’t comfortable with the camera, so this was difficult to me. Unfortunately, when the activities were over, it was also the time for us to return to Istanbul.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 7



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