09.02.15 – 11.03.15

After finishing Rondo totally, we spent our first lesson working on it and going over the parts that I couldn’t play fluently. On 24th of February, we started a new piece called “Bobtail Rag” by Tony Pegler. This is the last piece that I will play in the exam. We started slowly by deciphering the piece. Since it is a jazz piece, there are lots of patterns that I’m not familiar with yet. The piece seems so disorganized and random, however when all notes come together I think the melody will be interesting. I was really patient while deciphering the piece because no two consecutive notes are concordant! Even though I love learning new styles, jazz is stranger than I have thought. My goal for the next lesson is to revise till 17th measure and try to play the piece fluently. Of course, separate hands… At first, I should get used to jazz and the piece’s melody, then I can join my hands.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 8



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