The 2nd annual TELT Forum took place at our school. All the volunteer students were ready approximately one hour earlier. Me and my peer, we waited for our guest to come. We learned that she was the head of TED schools in Turkey, Dr. Fatma Ataman. She was one of the most important guests, so we were really excited. While waiting her, I helped the students in the registration. They were quite busy because the place was too crowded. When our guest came, we informed her about the sessions that will take place. She wanted to go to the opening ceremony, so we took her to our school’s conference hall. Each guest had a booklet which had the whole schedule of the day. Round table sessions, debates etc. For this reason, our guest didn’t really want us to help her. I guess she wanted to discover the school alone and didn’t need our assistance. Unexpectedly, not to disturb her we stopped hanging around. During the day, I was really busy. Although, I had abandoned my real duty, I helped lots of people to find their ways. By the end of the day, my feet were numb! I also joined round table sessions and some other discussions that had interesting topics. Most of them were about teaching techniques. As a student, it was really interesting to observe teachers while they were learning. The crew was allowed to participate in the discussions, so I contributed. I asked questions to the speakers and shared my opinions about the related topics. When I joined a roundtable session about the use of technology in classroom, I can say that I used all my ITGS knowledge. The guests and the round table session moderator gave positive reactions to my contributions. They kept asking me questions about the use of technology in our everyday lives. I gave examples from our school, about the smart boards, and suggested some solutions. I supported the idea that technology should only be used if teachers and students are ready to use it. Expressing my ideas in front of people I didn’t know was quite fun. This was also an opportunity for me to speak English. I was also complimented several times for speaking good English and asking sophisticated questions. So, I was sociable the whole TELT Forum! I’m looking forward to the next year’s TELT. It was a great experience for me.

Area: Service

Hours Completed: 10



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