21.01.15, 19.02.15

Next month, our school is organizing an English Language Teaching Conference: T(erakki)ELT. More than a hundred of teachers, educators and onlookers will come to our school and join the conference. Some high school students in our school volunteered to become a part of the crew, including me. Before the TELT Conference, two meetings were held. One of them was in our school library and the other one was in the music amphitheater. Ms. Itil will be responsible from us for the conference. She briefly talked about the conference and the program of the day. Each of us were going to assist a guest teacher. For this reason, we had to be ready for duty the whole day. Since our school is like a labyrinth, the guests are quite likely to get lost. So, we will be there to guide people. Both of the meetings lasted approximately s class hour. To be honest, I understood the aim of the conference quickly in the first meeting, so I think the second meeting was boring and unnecessary. This will be the 2nd TELT Conference in our school, this means that there are students who were in charge last year. I’m not experienced like them, this will be my first time. I will do my best to thoroughly represent my school.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 1.5



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