Our supervisor Mr. Bahtiyar chose some team members to participate the annual Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2015 Meeting which took place in The Marmara Hotel Pera. I was happy to be one of them. The program of the meeting was quite loaded. At first we gathered in a convention hall where I got to meet people from different Turkish teams. I felt confident while I spoke to people and introduced our team. My strength here was that I was a good communicator because most of the teams were universities and I felt proud to be one of the youngest people there. Once we were seated, the presentation started. Luckily, our team sat at the front seats so I could pay my whole attention to the presentation. There were several presentations listed in the schedule below. Maybe the most important one was given by Gilles Vanier, Europe Technical Manager. He went over the important technical details to consider during and before the competition as well as the aim of Shell Eco-marathon. Since the competition is approximately a week long, he explained the whole program. He discussed the rule changes of this year’s competition. We realized that our car doesn’t suit some of the rule changes and it should be modified. For example a new rule wants all cars to have a dead man switch because of some accidents from last year. However, our car doesn’t have one. During one of the brakes, we talked about this with our teachers and emphasized on the importance of acting fast to fulfill the requirements of this year’s competition. At this point, I felt a little stressed because I knew it would be difficult. Although I suggested some ideas for the dead man switch, my friends thought it would be better to design it first. The other presentations were about the sponsor logistics firm Alışan Logistic, Rotterdam, and the use of social media to represent and advertise teams. Briefly, Alışan Logistic talked about the cars’ transportation to Rotterdam Ahoy. The other ones were generally about Netherlands and the Shell Company. During the presentations I didn’t hesitate to ask questions. People were surprised to see a high school student who was not shy to raise hands in front of everyone. I realized this when I observed their reactions. The presenters and the overall audience approached my questions with extra kindness and interest. I believe this is a clear benefit of being younger. At the end of the day I was really tired and overwhelmed with all the meeting. We were asked to introduce our team and give a short interview. A cameraman and an interviewer came to ask each of our duties in the team and our goals for this year’s competition. Mr. Bahtiyar gave brief information about us and then our photos were taken. We all wore yellow Shell sweaters which made me think that I was a part of a family. Shell Eco-marathon family.

Area: Service

Hours Completed: 6



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