See, capture, photograph, print, create, design, project, paint… These are the basic steps for our wish to enhance the visual quality of our sister school. Today, Mr. Dew invited us to the art atelier in our school to create the design for the walls of Mithat Paşa Primary School. First step was to select one of the printed photographs, taken in Edirne during the pattern-finding task, and cutting the parts that we wanted. Second step was to put & glue together these different patterns and create a big, complicated but integrated image. It was no different than making a complex puzzle. We were divided into two groups. Although our collage included many details, it looked decent and plain when we looked from a distance. This was an activity that required high creativity and patience because it wasn’t that easy to form an esemplastic picture out of tiny details. Our group worked in great collaboration and as a result we ended up having a unique, interesting image. We created an image that looked like the silhouette of a woman. The other group’s image looked like a walnut tree. I’m looking forward to project & paint it on the school’s walls.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 1.5



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