16.12.14 – 14.01.15

Till the 100th measure, I played “Rondo” both hands. Since there is a repetition of the beginning between 100th and 136th measures, only the Minor part of the piece is left. In other words, half of the piece is completed. For next week, I needed to practice Rondo and try to play it without hesitations and fluent. During the week I couldn’t work too hard but I corrected most of my errors till the 136th measure of “Rondo” with my supervisor the next lesson. It wasn’t easy to go over the parts that I had trouble with. Since it was the exam week, I found it really challenging to set up my mind and concentrate on the piece, however I managed to overcome this problem during our lesson. We didn’t have time to play “Nocturne” in the lesson. I will study both of these pieces during this week. Sometimes I feel like there is no time left to study piano, but I manage to create time especially when I underperform in the lessons.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 4



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