I gave a little New Year concert on request. I played the famous song “Let Her Go” by Passenger and sang it at the same time. Although I felt a little stressed before my performance, I could play the song without any mistakes. I think I proved that I’m good at memorizing piano notes. I didn’t have a chance to practice since everything happened in the blinking of an eye. Without any notes or practice, I was in front of 27 people singing and playing. It was a great experience for celebrating New Year and it can be counted as an attempt to develop new skills such as improvisation. This experience also helped me to overcome my stage fear because I didn’t even have to time think what to do. My concert continued with “Hungarian Dance” which was a piece I studied two years ago. I was surprised and enchanted by the audience’s reaction, they loved my performance and congratulated me. At that moment, I understood how much I enjoyed music being a significant part of my life.

New Year Concert

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 1



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