Because of an unexpected motive, we didn’t have time to talk about the club in this meeting. Instead, we had a guest from Doğuş University, Prof. Dr. Serkant Ali CETIN, who is also one of the scientists working at CERN. During our club hour, we discussed deep concepts such as the creation of universe and quantum physics. I asked him a question: What if human mind was designed unqualified to discover the origin of our existence? I asked this question because I personally am worried about the answer of this particular question. What if everything that we are trying to discover is blocked in a way that we cannot access? What if all those experiments are just dead end streets? Although I raise these questions, I always believe that science is the most significant concept that human beings have ever developed. Thus, I know that it is constantly evolving with an indisputable enchanting progress. Even though the answer of these questions may be vague and generally pessimistic, I would like to go for Mr. Çetin’s optimistic answer: Human mind, brain is also expanding every day, we are evolving as well. You are right to be worried about those questions but don’t neglect the fact that intelligence is powerful and eternal.

To wrap up, today’s meeting couldn’t actually serve to our club purposes, however it provided an academic environment in which we could discuss complex concepts. I’m sure that the conversations had influenced the way we think about everyday physics. I realized that I can compel my mind when these kind of topics are being discussed. Maybe this is my way of knowing – by opening new windows. Today I was an inquirer and a thinker and I believe that I showed this by participating in the discussion and communicating.

Area: Creativity



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