Day 2

The second day of our trip in Edirne was dedicated to visiting historical places and embracing the city’s culture. Our art teacher Mr. Dew gave us a task which was basically capturing different patterns in the historical places we visited. (Old Mosque, Selimiye Mosque and Bayezid II Külliye Health Museum were the famous places we visited.) Especially the mosques had really interesting patterns that we could see in their architecture and interior design. The patterns that I encountered in Selimiye Mosque were the most stimulating ones, thus I used my creative skills to transfer them into photographs. Finding and photographing these patterns were both easy and enjoyable for me because I really love capturing the real world and making it immortal. During our visits, I’ve learnt lots of information about Ottoman Empire and the architecture of that era. I suppose this activity contributed to my IB learner profile “knowledgeable” because I had the opportunity to examine what I’ve learnt, so I believe it will be permanent.

As Terakki IB students, we will use this photographing activity in the sister school project, however we haven’t decided what to do exactly. According to our observations, Mithat Paşa Primary School lacked visual material, one of the most essential elements that a primary school should include. Most probably, our task will be related to enhancing the school’s visual material. We will have a meeting about it when we return to Istanbul.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 5


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