25.11.14 – 15.12.14

On 25th of November, I practiced E Harmonic Minor, E Melodic Minor, B Harmonic Minor and B Melodic Minor. B Minors were a bit tiring to memorize, they needed high concentration to overcome. I played “Rondo” and “Nocturne” over and over with great patience to diminish even the smallest mistakes. For the next lesson, my supervisor told me to work on F Harmonic and F Melodic Minor. I also intended to finish “Nocturne” by the end of page 3 with both hands joined and play “Rondo” with metronome. My other goal was to revise all technical works till next lesson. However, I wasn’t very successful this time. Due to my loaded school work and our trip to Edirne, I couldn’t spend enough time for individual practice. So the next lesson, which was on December 8th, I deciphered “Rondo” from 36th measure to 100th measure right and left hands separately. I also played “Nocturne” by the end of the 3rd page and practiced the nuances with great detail. Apparently, nuances are the key elements for “Nocturne” because if we neglect them the piece resembles a body without a soul. I was sad that we couldn’t move forward this lesson. I know that playing a musical instrument requires too much effort and attention. I should work harder and plan better not to drop behind. At least, my strength is that I am aware of this situation.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 6



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