11.11.14 – 24.11.14

I studied E♭ major, A♭ major scales; B major, F major and B♭ major arpeggios as intended. I went over the first page of “Nocturne” in more detail. My teacher removed “Study in A♭” from the program because he found the piece unnecessary for the examination. I also started a new piece from Muzio Clementi, “Rondo – Sonata in D, Op. 25 No.6″. I studied the piece with separate hands till 34th measure and I will join both hands during the week in individual practice. I also played “Nocturne” in the lesson. We focused on C Harmonic Minor, C Melodic Minor, G Harmonic Minor and G Melodic Minor scales and C Minor, G Minor arpeggios, but I should spend more time playing them till the next lesson to become fluent.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 6



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