It was the first meeting of the semester as a team. It was intended for informing the new members of “Shell Eco-marathon Club” including me. We discussed the general rules and concepts of the competition. Last year’s captain mentioned the problems that they encountered during the competition in Rotterdam and shared his experiences. I listened carefully to him and asked questions referring the problems. For this year’s competition we outlined the inadequacies and concerns of the team and the car. What can we do better this year? How can we modify the car? Who can find sponsors for this year? Which problems are the most crucial ones? Our teacher showed us the car’s accumulator and described its problem briefly with the circuit. I took an active role in the discussion and I suggested possible solutions. However, I decided that I needed to expand my technical vocabulary in order to interact more efficiently. Finally, we determined the fields that we will proceed in the team such as supplies, communication and electric. I volunteered to work in “security”, “electric” and “pilotage”- it would be amazing to drive our electric-powered car as a female and represent our school in that uniform.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 1.5



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