25.11.14 – 15.12.14

On 25th of November, I practiced E Harmonic Minor, E Melodic Minor, B Harmonic Minor and B Melodic Minor. B Minors were a bit tiring to memorize, they needed high concentration to overcome. I played “Rondo” and “Nocturne” over and over with great patience to diminish even the smallest mistakes. For the next lesson, my supervisor told me to work on F Harmonic and F Melodic Minor. I also intended to finish “Nocturne” by the end of page 3 with both hands joined and play “Rondo” with metronome. My other goal was to revise all technical works till next lesson. However, I wasn’t very successful this time. Due to my loaded school work and our trip to Edirne, I couldn’t spend enough time for individual practice. So the next lesson, which was on December 8th, I deciphered “Rondo” from 36th measure to 100th measure right and left hands separately. I also played “Nocturne” by the end of the 3rd page and practiced the nuances with great detail. Apparently, nuances are the key elements for “Nocturne” because if we neglect them the piece resembles a body without a soul. I was sad that we couldn’t move forward this lesson. I know that playing a musical instrument requires too much effort and attention. I should work harder and plan better not to drop behind. At least, my strength is that I am aware of this situation.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 6




With my classmates and friends from other IB classes, we cook food and sell them at school. Our goal is to collect a satisfying amount of money in order to compensate the needs of the Hearing Impaired School in Tuzla. By financially supporting them, we want to create a better learning environment for the students and improve their conditions. To reach our goal, we regularly hold “Cook For Good” days, open a stand and sell home-made cookies, cakes etc. at break times. Today was the first sale of the term, we will try to organize these days as much as we can to raise a decent fund.

Area: Service

Hours Completed: 2



It was the second meeting of the Shell Eco-marathon Club. This time, we were a small group of only 5 students. We are all inexperienced so we preferred to listen to our supervisor before we shared our ideas. As an introduction, he talked about the official rules booklet that was published for the competition. Mr. Bahtiyar wanted us to re-read that booklet to have a general view of the contest, basically what is forbidden, what is necessary etc. He also mentioned the development of our team, Team Terakki. I learned that our school has been participating Shell Eco-marathon for over ten years. This made me more enthusiastic about the process. Today I used my listening skills and tried to learn what it is expected from us. We all have to do research about the problems that we will be dealing with in the next few months.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 1


11.11.14 – 24.11.14

I studied E♭ major, A♭ major scales; B major, F major and B♭ major arpeggios as intended. I went over the first page of “Nocturne” in more detail. My teacher removed “Study in A♭” from the program because he found the piece unnecessary for the examination. I also started a new piece from Muzio Clementi, “Rondo – Sonata in D, Op. 25 No.6″. I studied the piece with separate hands till 34th measure and I will join both hands during the week in individual practice. I also played “Nocturne” in the lesson. We focused on C Harmonic Minor, C Melodic Minor, G Harmonic Minor and G Melodic Minor scales and C Minor, G Minor arpeggios, but I should spend more time playing them till the next lesson to become fluent.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 6



It was the first meeting of the semester as a team. It was intended for informing the new members of “Shell Eco-marathon Club” including me. We discussed the general rules and concepts of the competition. Last year’s captain mentioned the problems that they encountered during the competition in Rotterdam and shared his experiences. I listened carefully to him and asked questions referring the problems. For this year’s competition we outlined the inadequacies and concerns of the team and the car. What can we do better this year? How can we modify the car? Who can find sponsors for this year? Which problems are the most crucial ones? Our teacher showed us the car’s accumulator and described its problem briefly with the circuit. I took an active role in the discussion and I suggested possible solutions. However, I decided that I needed to expand my technical vocabulary in order to interact more efficiently. Finally, we determined the fields that we will proceed in the team such as supplies, communication and electric. I volunteered to work in “security”, “electric” and “pilotage”- it would be amazing to drive our electric-powered car as a female and represent our school in that uniform.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 1.5