28.10.14 – 10.11.14

I am aiming to take London College of Music 8th grade examination on November 2016. Since 8th grade is the last grade before graduating from the diploma programme, I know that this year will be difficult and challenging. I take private lessons to get prepared for the final examination. After a long summer break, 28th of October was my first piano lesson of the term. We decided to practice scales as a warm-up. I studied C Major, G Major, E Major scales and their arpeggios as technical work. They are quite easy to play with a slow tempo. However, they get confusing when I hurry. I also studied the first 8 measures of “Study in A♭ Op. 78″ from Maurice Moszkowskin with separate hands. I planned to combine both hands till the next lesson, even though it would be a bit effortful after the summer break. For this reason, I spent 2 hours for practice during the week. I was content because I knew that my perseverance would bring success.

The next lesson, as technical work, I studied B Major, F Major, B♭ Major Scales and their arpeggios. B♭ major was tough to handle at first, thus I will have to work on it more. Me and my supervisor, we also worked on “Study in A♭” till 16th measure and “Nocturne in C♯ Minor” till 20th measure. I realized that I’ve been playing the piece (Nocturne) with some minor nuance errors since last semester. I focused on correcting them during the week. My other goal was to practice E♭ major and A♭ major scales as well as B major, F major and B♭ major arpeggios (again). Luckily, I could achieve all my goals because I did my time management well.

Area: Creativity

Hours Completed: 5